Stage-kissing and other dilemmas

Tonight I had a callback for a play here at school.  It went really well I think and I had a lot of fun meeting new people and getting to know acquaintances better.  Also, acting is just a lot of fun so overall it was a great night.

But, I’m agitated.

Prematurely, but still.

The play calls for one of the main characters to kiss another main character.  Fairly normal for a play.  Apparently, the director doesn’t expect anything crazy, but they asked at tryouts if I’m comfortable kissing someone.  I said pretty much no the first night, but tonight at call backs I said I’d probably be willing to if I was cast.

It has raised a barrage of questions for me personally but also I think for Christian actors.

To start with, when they asked the first night if I’m comfortable with kissing, I said, “Is it terrible to say it depends on who it is?”.  Super professional.

But I guess that’s number one.  Whether it’s good or bad, it would depend on who was cast in the other role.

Secondly, I never thought that my first kiss would be a stage kiss, but if I am cast, it probably will be.  That’s not what I pictured.  I didn’t picture a classic Princess Diaries foot pop.


I don’t know what I pictured, but it sure as heck wasn’t something staged with a person I barely know.

Number three, I mentioned to the director that I’ve never even kissed anyone before.  She said it’s fine, that it’s totally normal to have your first kiss be a stage kiss.  She said hers was.  That’s fine for others, but is it fine with me?

Four, what should the Christian approach be to stage kissing?  I read over a lot of stuff on the internet.  Here’s the first three I read.

The first one offered a lot of opinions.  Some made sense, others didn’t.  Some I agreed with, some I’m not so sure.

Most importantly though, it doesn’t matter what people have to say; it matters what God says about it.

I’ve been praying about it and now writing this to help me sift through my own thoughts.

To wrap up:

  1.  Any worrying on my part would be premature.  I haven’t been cast yet.
  2. God knows me.  He knows what I can handle.  He put this in my life on purpose, whether I just have to think this through tonight or if I cast.
  3. God works all things for my benefit.  He is with me.  He is loving, wise, and purposeful.
  4. Only what God says matters.  I should not look to others or myself for an answer to this.



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